Margaret Gupta

Co-founder & COO

Margaret Gupta is an entrepreneur, social activist, and philanthropist. She is an operational wizard with a no-nonsense, can do attitude that helped drive the historic 15-seat flip in Virginia’s House of Delegates in 2017. After the sweeping win in November, Margaret co-founded WinDEM, a Federal PAC dedicated to extending the successful WinVirginia model to other States. Margaret has a passion for positive social change and is dedicated to making our democracy work again.

Margaret also serves as COO of ApexCoVantage where she oversees the company’s global operations and drives the adoption of cutting-edge technologies throughout the organization. She holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio and an MA in Political Science from the University of Michigan.

Driven by her passion to improve the lives of others, Margaret serves as President of the Gupta Family Foundation, a private foundation that supports organizations around the globe that are dedicated to helping disadvantaged people become self-reliant. She also serves on the Boards of the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, the Reston Historic Trust, Cleary University and is a member of 100Women Strong.