The 2018 Results

House of Representatives Seats Flipped
State Legislative Seats Flipped
Governor Mansions Flipped
The Blue Wave has swept over Washington and the country this November, and the results continue to surpass expectations. Democrats have won 40 seats in the House of Representatives, 7 governorships, and 367 state legislature seats. Best of all, 29 of the 40 House seats were WinDEM’s own RunTogether Candidates.

Winning is a Team Sport

Our RunTogether Program has a proven track record of success.

In 2018, we supported over 60 congressional candidates, funding them based on how well they collaborated with state legislative candidates and how well they deployed digital technologies and social media.

By running together, we flipped 40 seats in the House of Representatives – 29 of which were our candidates. Better yet, we picked up 367 seats in state legislatures across the country.

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Who We Are

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We’re a collection of business and technology leaders who share one common goal: make democracy work again.

To that end, we’re applying best business practices to politics – investing in congressional campaigns that possess clear strategic guidance, strong execution, and relevant metrics to track their goals.